Ska Band Half Past Two Releases Music Video Shot Entirely In The Sims 3

Move over, AMVs–The Sims music videos are what’s hot right now and Orange County ska band Half Past Two is out to prove it. Earlier today, the ska ensemble released their music video for “Curtain Call,” which was shot entirely in The Sims 3.

The music video kicks off with a sim version of the band’s lead singer, Tara Hahn, riding her bicycle before kicking into the upbeat, pop-punk track. What ensues is a whole lot of Sim-ly hijinks involving trampolines, bull-riding, and the game’s infamous Dance Sphere.

Much like any other music video, this endeavor featured a director: Rae Mystic. While Mystic has shot plenty of music videos using more traditional methods (including some of Half Past Two’s previous videos), filming one entirely in The Sims 3 was a new and exciting challenge for them.

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