Halo Forge Slowly Transformed What It Means To Play Halo

Halo 3 is celebrating its 15-year anniversary today, September 25, 2022. Below, we take a look at how one of its marquee new features, the Forge, had a massive impact on how fans think about and engage with the beloved shooter series.

A gigantic futuristic Jenga tower, a medieval castle with jeeps speeding through it, and a frying pan full of metal flapjacks. These maps are just a small sample of some of the most memorable and iconic Halo Forge creations that have been built by fans over the years.

“As you can tell, Forge is extremely important to Halo,” Forge YouTuber Andrew “Ducain23” Franklin told GameSpot. “It provides ways to play the game that have never been thought of before.”

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