Dead by Daylight developer’s new party game, Flippin Misfits, is now available for less than five dollars

First revealed at the Behaviour Beyond showcase, the developer behind Dead by Daylight has now launched its colourful party game, Flippin Misfits, on Steam.

Catch the launch trailer for Flippin Misfits here.

Behaviour Interactive’s party title takes the traditional melee-brawler formula and transforms it, making you and your pals use physics and control gravity in the bid to secure a win. The game also takes place on a spaceship known as the Arkade, which the gang has turned into their own set of arenas for gravity-based brawling.

You must attempt to cover all angles, literally, as brawling takes place on the floor, ceiling, and just about anywhere your Blazarpack can take you. In an additional bid to make Flippin Misfits as chaotic as possible, there are 35 different power-ups to play around with.

Although, you’ll only be able to choose one from a random assortment of five before each match. That said, matches look pretty short, meaning players can likely blast through and find their favourite power-ups in no time at all.

Flippin Misfits’ lead game designer, Jean-Philippe Laberge, says, “I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this exciting and unique game with the world! After a challenging but fun year of development, I am truly amazed at the quality level our team has been able to pull off with Flippin Misfits. I can hardly wait to see the incredible battles players will have in our 360-degree gravity-swapping arenas!”

If you think Flippin Misfits is up your avenue, it’s available on Steam now, and is only £3.99 / $4.99 / €4.99.

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