Pokemon Go Halloween Event to feature Mega Banette and plenty of Dark and Ghost-types

Like last year, the Pokemon Go Halloween event will be a two-parter, and part one kicks off on October 20.

This year’s event will feature the debut of Mega Banette, Halloween-themed Special Research, and plenty of Ghost and Dark-type Pokmeon will be roaming around.

Pokemon Go – Lavender Town Remix – Halloween 2021

The event will also feature Timed Research, and there will be two tickets available. Ticket 1 will run you $1 and grants access to Timed Research featuring encounters with Yamask and Galarian Yamask. Ticket 2 will run you $5, and it grants access to Timed Research featuring increased Candy bonuses, additional Halloween-themed tasks, and an avatar pose.

You can purchase either one of these tickets, or both. Each ticket features unique Timed Research tasks that will expire on November 1. So be sure to complete it and claim your rewards before time runs out.

Speical Research from Professor Willow will have you assisting him and Rhi, and along the way you will learn more about Yamask and Galarian Yamask. Also, for the first time in Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to encounter Shiny Galarian Yamask.

The following Pokemon will hatch from 7 km Eggs during the event: Yamask, Galarian Tamask, Phantump, and Golett. One may even pop a Shiny Noibat, if you’re lucky. Plus, if hatched from these Eggs, Noibat will also have a greater chance of being Shiny than one found in the wild.

Appearing more frequently in the wild will be the following Pokemon: Zubat, Gastly, Haunter, Spinarak, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Sableye, Shuppet, Dusclops, Absol, Drifloon, Yamask, Golett, Phantump, and Pumpkaboo.

At this time, the Spooky Pose found in the in-game shop will be updated to include movement. The update will apply to all future and past purchases of the Spooky Pose. There will also be new Halloween-themed avatar items such as the Dusclops Costume, Dusclops Headwrap, and Zubat Headband

To make things more festive, PokeStops and Gyms will be decorated for the holiday and a remix of the Lavender Town music will be playing nightly during the event. For an idea of what to expect with the music, check out the video above from last year’s event.

With raids, Altered Forme Giratina will appear in five-star raids starting October 20 through November 1. The Pokemon will know the featured attack Shadow Force.

One-star raids will feature Sableye, Purrloin, Yamask, Galarian Yamask, and Phantump, while three-star raids will host Gengar, Umbreon, Drifblim, and Drapion.

Event bonuses will include 2× Candy for catching, hatching, and transferring. Trainers level 31 and above will receive a guaranteed 1 XL Candy when walking with their Buddy.

And finally, completing Field Research tasks could find you encountering Shuppet, Duskull, Yamask, Galarian Yamask, and Phantump. Completing certain Field Research tasks will also earn you Mega Energy for Gengar and Absol.

Have fun out there.

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