Bungie Is Aiming To Make Destiny 2’s Weapon Crafting More Fun In Lightfall

Destiny 2’s weapon crafting can help create some amazing tools of destruction, but the process of doing so is one that developer Bungie wants to overhaul so that it can be more fun. In the studio’s latest blog update, Bungie explained some of the changes that will be applied to weapon crafting in the Lightfall expansion.

Deepsight weapons, which require you to kill several thousand enemies before they’re fully useful, are being fine-tuned for next year. Uncraftable weapons won’t drop with Deepsight resonance from Lightfall and Bungie is looking at “alternate ways” for players to get crafting materials. The core idea is that players will to want to try new weapons for other reasons, not just to earn crafting currencies.

To combat inventory management stress, Bungie aims to “reduce bad luck in weapon recipe unlocking” and create more opportunities within Destiny 2’s crafting system for players to create a weapon that has a personal list of curated perks. This new focus will also extend to the Deep Stone Crypt raid from Beyond Light, which will get craftable weapons from next month.

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