Forza Horizon 4 is busting out of the Microsoft Store and making its way to Steam. Playground Games have announced that their British racing festival will make its way to the new store in March with DLCs sold separately and cross-platform multiplayer.

In today’s announcement, Playground Games say that Forza Horizon 4 will arrive on steam on March 9th. They add that the game will also include cross-platform multiplayer between racers on PC (whether via Steam or the Microsoft Store), Xbox, and Android devices.

Horizon 4 was one of RPS’s best PC games on 2020, in which we call it one of the best racing games in years.

“Forza Horizon 4 plops you into a bucolic montage of British countryside and towns during a nation-consuming racing festival,” says the hivemind. “You careen up hills, past wind turbines, and smash through stone walls while driving between hundreds of events, including road and off-road races, drifting challenges, stunt challenges, and one-off cinematic races in which you compete against a hovercraft or a train or a jet. Horizon 4 is vast, varied and not afraid to be silly.”

Horizon 4 has gotten several updates since its launch in 2018 including the wacky Super 7 stunt tracks from late last year that you can catch a look at in the trailer up there.

You can now find Horizon 4 over on Steam where its expansions and DLCs will also be available as separate purchases.

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