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Tales From The Borderlands returns to digital stores next week

Telltale Games‘ episodic Borderlands spinoff story Tales From The Borderlands was removed from sale after the company closed along with many of their other games. Gearbox, developers of the Boderlands series proper, have now announced

Slipways was the best demo in the Steam Games Festival

Slipways is a grand strategy game boiled down to such basic principles that it feels like a puzzle game. It was the best game I played during the Steam Game Festival. The problem is that

Forza Horizon 4 will launch on Steam in March

Forza Horizon 4 is busting out of the Microsoft Store and making its way to Steam. Playground Games have announced that their British racing festival will make its way to the new store in March

The Architect: Paris is a different kind of citybuilder

Most citybuilders cast you as a god-like city planner, laying down road networks and zoning districts upon an unblemished paradise. The Architect: Paris is different in a couple of key ways. For one, it takes

Beat Saber, the best VR game, has sold 4 million copies

Is this a story I’m writing as another excuse to say, “VR gaming is doing fine, actually”, or is it a story I’m writing as another excuse to say, “Beat Saber is the best VR

The best free demos from the winter Steam Game Festival

Steam has blessed us once again with the paralysing terror of having too much choice. Like an a Friday night “what d’you wanna watch on Netflix? Like, a comedy or…?” of indecision, but lasting an

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is out now

We’ve still a while to wait for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, but we can now take a trip into another corner of the World Of Darkness. Today brings the launch of Werewolf: The

Total War: Warhammer 3 announced, adding Kislev, Cathay, and Chaos

The hordes of Chaos will finally hit the battlefield this year with Total War: Warhammer 3, announced today by Creative Assembly and Sega. Along with the four main flavours of Chaos (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and

Apex Legends Season 8 introduces explosives expert Fuse today

Apex Legends Season 8 seems like a Michael Bay film waiting to happen, because it introduces Fuse, a new playable character with an affinity for explosives. He arrives today alongside a new gun, the 30-30

What’s the most underrated PC game ever?

It used to be fairly easy to split PC games into three categories. There were the good games that everyone had played, the bad games that were rightfully forgotten, and a small pool in the