Destiny 2: Beyond Light feels like someone else’s school reunion

In the run-up to yesterday’s launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, many players were excited for the return of familiar people and places. Will Randal the Vandal be up to his old tricks? Will the Exo Stranger say what she said six years ago? But Destiny 1 wasn’t on PC so I didn’t play it, and I feel like I’ve turned up to someone else’s school reunion. Everyone’s stoked to crack open a couple engrams with the lads in the Loot Cave and reminisce, while I’m stuck in an awkward conversation with some big fella who chatters and clicks like a happy budgie.

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Variks in trouble in a Destiny 2: Beyond Light cinematic.

I’ve picked up a lot of it while playing Destiny 2, of course. I heard the theories about the Exo Stranger’s identity. I know Variks was behind the prison break that saw our mate Cayde killed. And I’ve heard all about the Loot Cave. But it is like being the awkward plus-one at someone else’s reunion, surrounded by people so excited by a shared history which I’ve kinda heard stories from but feel no connection to.

My date dragged me over to meet Variks, saying I’m going to love him, then they ran off to talk to their old geography teacher and Variks just shrugged “Sorry about your pal, whoops” and started chattering to himself. Rude. But then I feel rude expecting the Exo Stranger to say the phrases I’m told everyone knew her for, waiting patiently with a big smile and trying to cue her in by asking questions whose answers would certainly take some explaining. She’s trapped in a time loop she thought she escaped when she moved to York. I think I visited Randal, or at least it was someone who knocked me out with two hits. And I did visit the Loot Cave, the site of many a farming sesh or so I’m told, at the urging of some absolute bloody legend who kept shouting “KICK-ONS AT THE LOOT CAVE, LADS!” It was a dingy hole with a couple crushed Tennent’s cans, a spooky easter egg, and a reek of piss.

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he returns with Season Of The Hunt. He’s only recently woken up from his slab with no memories, yet folks will be hurling abuse, slapping him with expired ramen coupons, and saying the strangest things about a chicken. I feel you, pal.