If Red Alert Remastered wasn’t quite remastered enough for you, there’s an impressive new option for reliving your nineties RTS nostalgia in crisp noughties fidelity. Red Alert Redux is a comprehensive fan-made remake of the influential Command & Conquer game that revamps its visuals with full 3D and swathe of gameplay changes, additions and improvements.

Like the team’s previous Tiberian Dawn Redux mod, Red Alert Redux updates the 1996 game by rebuilding it in the engine for the later C&C game Generals, specifically requiring its 2003 Zero Hour expansion. That Tiberian Dawn mod was released way back in 2009, so it seems that the modders have been working away at this newest conversion for a while.

The upshot is seeing Red Alert 1’s previously 2D sprites for troops and buildings become proper 3D models in the Generals engine, as well as introducing brand new units and upgrades to the earlier game. It looks very impressive in the trailer for the mod’s new demo, which shows off familiar units duking it out across snow-covered maps and plenty of explosive carnage as planes rain down bombs.

The 0.96 beta release of the mod includes the base Allied and Soviet factions to play across 18 skirmish maps, plus two of the missions from the game’s single-player campaign – with the ambition of bringing the entire game, its sub-factions and campaign into the mod in the future once balance and stability have been tested.

You’ll need Generals and Zero Hour – along with its latest 1.04 patch – to download and use the mod, if you’re looking to dive back into a classic with a fancy new coat of extremely red paint.

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