The next Sims game currently goes under the name Project Rene rather than The Sims 5, but that aside, we know a growing amount about EA Maxis’ next social simulation. During today’s latest Behind The Sims community update, they shared more, including the news that the next entry in the series would be free-to-play and without energy mechanics or a subscription.

The latest episode of Behind The Sims. Skip to the 8m 40s mark for the Project Rene chat.

Much as with previous Sims games, Project Rene will be supported post-release with DLC. VP of Franchise Creative Lyndsay Pearson says in the above video, however, that they “want to change that mix a little bit.” Pearson pointed at the example of The Sims 4’s Seasons DLC, which added dynamic weather to the game, as a feature that might instead be added to the base game for free, while a DLC for purchase “might be focused on winter sports.” Future DLC would then also be able to make use of the dynamic weather, since it had been added to the base game.

Pearson also said that Project Rene was designed to “co-exist” with other Sims games, so The Sims 4 would continue to be supported. There was also some suggestion that they could run open betas for Project Rene, or even launch it in early access.

Previous episodes of Behind The Sims have focused on powerful new creative tools, a more open and expansive city to explore, and lighting and animation prototypes.

The Sims 4 went free-to-play last October but up until that point had been a premium purchase – as were previous main entry Sims games.

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