Cities: Skylines 2 launched last week and Colossal Order have spent the time since combatting performance issues and teeth conspiracies. Today they released a first video of its upcoming editor tool, however, and it looks neat.

A first look at Cities: Skylines 2’s editor.

Sin wrote in her Cities: Skylines 2 review that the citybuilding sequel didn’t feel like a big enough step forward. My favourable reading on the situation is that this is because most of the sequel’s innovations lie under the hood, to enable a more interesting future of mods and – natch – paid DLC.

The editor looks like it’ll take a step towards justifying my no-basis, glass-half-full belief. It’s a one-stop-shop for map and asset creation, as opposed to the separate editors made for tinkering with Colossal Order’s original, and it doesn’t look too intimidating in the video above even for a dope like me.

Modding was a huge part of Cities: Skylines 1 and the sequel has been set up to build on that success. One of the ways it has done that is by ditching Steam Workshop support in favour of its own modding platform, inventively titled Paradox Mods, so it can offer parity between PC and console versions of the game. That’s good news for the fifteen people who play citybuilders on console, and bad news for the most important person in the universe, me, who likes having everything inside Steam.

There’s no date on when these modding tools will launch yet, only that they’re expected soon.

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