NZXT’s AiOs are some of the best liquid coolers in the business, whether considered in terms of performance or aesthetics, and their new Kraken Elite RGB release is now on sale at Newegg in the US. The 280mm size AiO in white is now down to $200 after a $70 discount, and highly recommended by this writer at that price.

I picked up the 360mm version of this cooler for an all-white PC build (coverage coming soon to!) and I’ve been extremely happy with its performance in a matching NZXT H6 Flow case, with the AiO keeping the 7800X3D in the machine extremely cool at minimal volume levels. Of course, something like the 14900K or 7950X would be a tougher test, but I haven’t tested the AiO with these CPUs and thus I can’t really write an anecdote about them unfortunately.

Beyond the performance, the Kraken Elite RGB in white looks fantastic in an all white or white/black themed PC build, with the display-equipped pump, tubes, radiator and fans all coming with a matching white appearance. The only thing that isn’t white is the cable that plugs into the pump, but that shouldn’t be too visible anyway.

The display here is another highlight, as it can be mounted in any orientation and rotated in the NZXT CAM software, and by default comes with a useful temperature readout. This can be changed for another metric, an abstract design or a photo/GIF of your choice. I tend to keep it on the temperature mode, but I have been fond of putting images/videos of my wife/cat/brother on my AiOs as well for fun.

Anyway: great AiO, do consider for a white PC build.

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