It always breaks my heart a bit when a game I’ve been looking forward to for a while absolutely biffs it on arrival. Having quite enjoyed Golf Club Wasteland a few years ago (now called Golf Club Nostalgia for, I don’t know, reasons), I was quite pumped when developers Demagog Studios announced not one, but two further games set in the same post-apocalyptic universe. The first to come out (albeit only on Netflix at the moment) was the turn-based strategy game Highwater (also a bit of a dud, based on the early Steam demo I played last year), but it’s the second game, The Cub (out today on Steam) that has prompted this current moment of teeth-sucking sadness.

I’ve been playing a bit of it over the last week, and oh man, it’s trying so, so hard to be like Limbo and Inside, but just… doing quite a terrible job of it all. I was looking forward to any excuse I could get to have the soothing sounds of Golf Club’s dystopian Radio Nostalgia From Mars show back in my ear drums, but alas. I simply cannot hear it over the sound of my own screams of frustration.

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