Well, they’re finally doing it. They’re making free Godzilla DLC for Dave The Diver, Mintrocket’s hitherto laidback restaurant management/ocean exploration game. The kaiju of kaijus will invade the celebrated “indie” title in May, shortly after the PS5 release. How would Godzilla himself react, if he were writing this news post? I suspect he would say: RRRRRARRRARRGH.

It’s not clear what role Godzilla plays in the game – is he an outright foe or just a friend with a habit of stepping on cities, as in the most recent US cinematic adaptations? But the mind naturally gravitates at once to the prospect of Godzilla sushi. I’m a vegan, so it’s of no interest to me, but perhaps you’d like to speculate about what Godzilla tastes of while you watch the below announcement trailer.

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Cover image for YouTube videoDave The Diver – State of Play Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

If Godzilla is on the menu, I imagine you’ll have to hunt down and net him much like you do other abyssal leviathans in the game. A bigger net may be necessary. I’m not sure your trusty Sticky Bomb Gun is going to cut the mustard either.

Even in the absence of Godzilla, Dave The Diver has gone from strength to strength. The game passed three million sales earlier this month, and I’m sure it’ll find a ready audience on PS5.

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