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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:20 Intro
1:44 Topic #1 – Interview with Tenstorrent’s CEO Jim Keller
4:11 What Tenstorrent does, discussing RISC V
7:54 Do the RISC V teams look for a PhD or for experience?
9:39 How far do you think x86 can go? How computers predict
11:54 Could Intel or AMD use RISC V as a prediction set in their chips?
13:18 Linus on returning to legacy & replacing PCs with RISC V?
16:29 Luke on server stack issues
18:52 Advice for keeping up with the industry?
20:34 Linus asks about the origin of Tenstorrent’s ideas
24:39 Discussing AI’s impact on computers & architecture design
31:01 Being in a simulation & related theories
32:00 Discussing company stocks, good V.S. great company leader
37:50 What was joining AMD back then like? ft. Management, risk
43:46 How much did Intel save AMD with the bad generational leaps?
44:58 Discussing NVIDIA’s current leap, thoughts on the future
49:08 RISC V competitors helping RISC V’s development?
50:34 Linus on the issues with the x86 Via Centaur chip
53:08 How far are we from fully self-driving cars?
58:10 What will the next tech thing be?
1:04:08 What does Tenstorrent & Jim Keller do? ft. Roast
1:08:40 Ending the interview, excited Linus & Luke discuss
1:11:18 Topic #2 – YouTuber reviews on Humane Ai Pin causes drama
1:13:28 Linus recalls NVIDIA & Hardware Unboxed controversy
1:15:20 Discussing it from the manufacturer’s side, NVIDIA & Apple
1:20:46 Luke requests FP reviews of the new beta site
1:21:18 Linus recalls his comment on not wasting money
1:25:44 Luke on companies pushing beyond, recalls Jim’s interview
1:27:39 Sponsor – MSI
1:28:55 Sponsor – Squarespace
1:29:47 Sponsor – Vessi
1:30:39 Merch Messages #1
1:31:55 LTT Labs mouse reviews ETA? ft. Calling Gary, Beat Saber paper
1:36:45 Connecting an infected PC task ft. Tech in movies, forums link
1:39:36 Topic #3 – PaintCam Eve, AI projectile-powered security kickstarter
1:49:24 Topic #4 – Overclockers UK repairs The Spiffing Brit’s tea PC
1:51:55 Repairs done, why make PCs for creators? ft. DiskMantler, drive stories
1:57:36 LTTStore’s new Labs phase shirt, pullover hoodie & zip-up hoodie
1:59:48 Topic #5 – Watcher leaves YouTube, launches ad-free subscription
2:01:14 Linus & Luke on why this wouldn’t work, Vessi, FP, Patreon
2:14:46 Pullover & zip-up hoodies will be print to order
2:14:56 Topic #6 – HP sued over blocking third party ink & monopoly
2:17:19 Topic #7 – Boston Dynamics announces new Atlas
2:21:22 Keanu Reeves to voice Shadow in the Sonic 3 movie
2:21:45 Figure’s OpenAI speech-to-speech reasoning robot
2:23:25 Topic #8 – YouTube warns third party YouTube apps with an ad blocker
2:27:44 Linus on Google’s ad blocker detection & Google Family
2:31:00 Topic #9 – Linus reviews Steam Families
2:32:36 Topic #10 – Plex tells GitHub to take down Plex Reshare repository
2:35:02 Topic #11 – UK criminalizes noncon sexualized deepfakes
2:35:17 US’s potential bill allows victims to sue, can this be enforced?
2:37:20 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark
2:37:48 What is beyond Labs? Do you consider going after online education?
2:38:53 How is Linus’s smart home going? Zigbee or Wi-Fi?
2:44:07 Biggest compromise Linus or Yvonne had with adding home tech?
2:44:58 Is the Labs hoodie the same as the Dropout hoodie?
2:45:43 Something that was more complicated than you thought?
2:48:40 New LTTStore onesie designs ETA?
2:52:18 Have you watched the Fallout show? ft. “Wink” – Dan
2:53:47 Motivation behind FP’s frontend refactor to react?
2:56:21 Any repairs or tweaks Linus had to do with his Chevy Bolt?
2:57:46 Has Liuns considered AHL hockey games?
3:00:33 Why isn’t the ATX12VO mainstream yet?
3:01:11 Thoughts on the Twitter sites changing to X sites?
3:02:47 Worst mass adopted tech product?
3:04:16 Would you consider Massdrop for low volume products?
3:05:38 Riding a bike with the LTT backpack? How does it fair with accidents?
3:06:27 What brand of Optical DP does Linus run for his racked PCs?
3:07:51 If you collaborate with others on LTTStore, what would you make?
3:09:06 Thoughts on buying online movies you can’t own then pirating it?
3:11:44 Whatever happened to upside down PC cases?
3:12:03 Favorite part of product development?
3:13:37 Outro

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