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5 Free cloud Project Management software for Australian SMEs

Keeping projects organised is crucial for maintaining a productive work environment. Everybody needs to be on the same page and know what they need to do. Free project management software helps make this easy, providing the organisational


How to Start an Online Business in 2021: Your Go-To Jumpstart Guide

With more than half of the population using the Internet, opening an online business is a lucrative venture. Not only is it cost-effective and straightforward, but there are also fewer risks compared to a traditional


How to Host Multiple Websites With Your Hosting Plan | Hostinger | hPanel

Hosting multiple websites using the same hosting plan is completely possible. At Hostinger you can add multiple websites through hPanel and in this video tutorial you’ll learn how it’s done. If you’re using Hostinger as


How to Create A Landing Page

Creating an effective landing page to increase conversion rates can be challenging —  especially if you’re not familiar with the best practices. We’ll take an in-depth look at how to create a landing page, compare


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In this Hostinger Academy tutorial you’ll learn how to use FileZilla and set up an FTP connection at Hostinger so you can easily manage your web files. While FileZilla is quite easy to understand, sometimes


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If you want to learn how to create an online store, then this tutorial is for you! In this video, you will learn how you can easily create your own eCommerce website using WooCommerce. The

How to Create an Electronic Signature Using Free Software

Having the ability to sign electronic documents digitally is helpful when you cannot be physically present or need to speed up the sign-off of paperwork by email. Indeed, in today’s more socially distanced world, an

Top 3 Best Property Management Software That Offer A Free Trial

Managing properties is no easy task, and it’s important to stay on top of all facets of property ownership. Whether you’re dealing with property maintenance, finding tenants or collecting payments, rental property management software can

Best Free Scheduling Software Tools For Small Businesses In 2021

Scheduling software helps businesses keep control of client meetings, shared company resources and employee schedules. Organisation is the key to staying on top of everything, so we’ve picked out the best free scheduling software to