The most beautiful lighthouses in world

Can there be anything more majestic than a lighthouse proudly perched upon the coast? A beacon of light which has served sailors in times during the need plus delightful landmark for site visitors travelling to different coastal locations, lighthouses stay icons of architectural beauty and maritime travel. Honoring these charming and stoic nautical landmarks, we’ve rounded up a listing of a few of the most breathtaking lighthouses on the planet, a lot of which you are able to sail towards in your next cruising holiday with Zizoo.

St. Mary's Lighthouse, EnglandSt. Mary’s Lighthouse, England

Southern Stack lighthouse, Wales

Set upon the majestic cliffs that line the shores of South Stack Island in Wales, the South Stack lighthouse has served to warn vessels moving over the Irish water on a notoriously dangerous route. Built at the beginning of the 19th century, this monumental lighthouse remains in operation and is ready to accept the public, weather and season pending.

most breathtaking lighthouses on the planet Image source @ Bert Kaufmann / Flickr

Tower of Hercules, Spain

In Los Angeles Coruña harbour, across the north-western Spain, appears a large tower that will simply be referred to as herculean. The Tower of Hercules was first erected by the Romans in 1st Century AD. The lighthouse continues to be the just completely preserved Roman lighthouse available that nevertheless acts maritime purposes. This original feature was acknowledged by UNESCO, who declared the Tower of Hercules a World Heritage Site in ’09. A trip to your lighthouse shouldn’t be missed through your cruising vacation in Spain.

most stunning lighthouses on earthImage by senza senso / Flickr

Chania Lighthouse, Crete, Greece

Amazingly, Chania lighthouse is one of the earliest on the planet. Constructed across the end of the sixteenth century, the lighthouse’s present form ended up being modeled within the 19th century and was impacted by the Egyptian style (at the time, Crete had been occupied by Egyptian troops). This intriguing lighthouse was fully restored in 2005, it is maybe not available to the public. Site visitors are, but encouraged to go for a walk along the course towards the lighthouse for fantastic views.

Check out the Chania lighthouse throughout a yacht charter in Crete.

most stunning lighthouses on the planet

Lindau Lighthouse, Germany

Among Germany’s many iconic nautical landmarks, the Lindau lighthouse graces the harbour entry of Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). The lighthouse, alone in Bavaria, ended up being constructed between 1853 and 1856. Around through the 33 meter lighthouse actually large statue lion that nobly guards the entrance overlooking the bay. The Lindau lighthouse and lion remain two of the very most photographed monuments in southern Germany.

most gorgeous lighthouses in the world

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Greece

The Tourlitis lighthouse appears like something you may see in a dream film about wizards and magic, that is part of its appeal. The first lighthouse that when stood on the same stone pedestal ended up being damaged during WWII, and was changed by present model, which has stood proudly inside Aegean Sea considering that the very early 1990s. Check out the Tourlitis lighthouse located off the area of Andros while cruising inside Cyclades.

most breathtaking lighthouses worldwide Image supply @ wikimapia

Portland Head Light, Maine

Another iconic landmark, the Portland Head Light appears proudly whilst the waves crash on the rocky shore below. Situated in Cape Elizabeth in the state of Maine, Portland Head Light while the surrounding park, is essential see when travelling in brand new England. The historic lighthouse had been commissioned by George Washington and was initially lit in 1791. The Portland Head Light has served as a beacon for over two centuries, and is now lit by solar light.

most stunning lighthouses on the planet

St. Mary’s Lighthouse, England

St. Mary’s lighthouse had protected sailors for nearly a century from 1898 until 1984. Though replaced by contemporary navigational strategies, this English lighthouse and surrounding nature book is now protected because of its historic value and biodiversity. The lighthouse is available between tides and welcomes people to rise its stairs for an amazing view of this ocean below.

most stunning lighthouses in the world

Punta de Hidalgo Lighthouse

Whilst the classic design of a lighthouse is undeniably breathtaking, the creativity and revolutionary designs of present day lighthouses truly deserve attention too. If planning a cruising vacation in the Canary Islands, you won’t desire to miss to be able to see Punta de Hidalgo lighthouse in Tenerife. This lighthouse deeply contrasts along with its surrounding surrounding, in a totally interesting and attractive way. Punta de Hildalgo is part of a tiny group of modern lighthouses which were built on Canary Island inside 1990s.

most gorgeous lighthouses on earthImage source @ Patrick Mayon/Fllickriver

Add these lighthouses towards bucket list for the next sailing vacation.