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OlliOlli World's final DLC kickflips into the clouds

OlliOlli World’s final DLC kickflips into the clouds

OlliOlli World is getting a final piece of DLC. Finding The Flowzone, which will be released this November, features a new bunch of levels to grind across – only these ones are set among the

Apple Store workers in Oklahoma City vote to unionize

Apple Store workers in Oklahoma City vote to unionize

The Apple Store workers who’d been planning to unionize since at least early this year have come long way from using encrypted chats to organize in secret. In June, an Apple Store in Maryland became


AI Supercomputer to Power $200 Million Oregon State University Innovation Complex

As a civil engineer, Scott Ashford used explosives to make the ground under Japan’s Sendai airport safer in an earthquake. Now, as the dean of the engineering college at Oregon State University, he’s at ground


Gotham Knights Will Not Offer Performance Mode On Console, Runs Only At 30 FPS

After announcing a four-player co-op mode will be coming to Gotham Knights next month, Warner Bros. Montreal has shared another piece of less exciting news: The game will run at 30 frames per second on

How are we going to do this??

Pokemon Go Halloween Event to feature Mega Banette and plenty of Dark and Ghost-types

Like last year, the Pokemon Go Halloween event will be a two-parter, and part one kicks off on October 20. This year’s event will feature the debut of Mega Banette, Halloween-themed Special Research, and plenty

Jack King-Spooner's next handcrafted game has a teaser demo out

Jack King-Spooner’s next handcrafted game has a teaser demo out

You can check out the next game from Beeswing and Dujanah developer Jack King-Spooner with a swish demo launched alongside a crowdfunding campaign. Judero is its name, and a surprisingly action-heavy adventure through the Scottish


Running a private medical practice? Here’s how to overcome the challenges

In this article, Capterra looks at the most significant challenges doctors may face when opening up a private practice and how a medical practice management system can help. In this article Running a private medical


Hello, World: NIO Expands Global Footprint With Intelligent Vehicle Experiences

When it comes to reimagining the next generation of automotive, NIO is thinking outside the car. This month, the China-based electric vehicle maker introduced its lineup to four new countries in Europe — Denmark, Germany,

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