Against The Storm’s latest update arrives next week, adds fancy trends window and blight post upgrades

Against The Storm is a roguelite city builder that features lizards and beavers, as they attempt to survive in a universe where it doesn’t stop raining. We gave it a Bestest Best badge when it launched into 1.0, and since then the developers promised more major updates. Patch 1.2 is the latest of the bunch, and when it arrives next week it’s bringing with it a “consumption/production” window, upgrades to the Blight Post, and lots of balance changes.

Developers Eremite Games had already teased some upcoming features in a development roadmap, but it didn’t contain all the details. With patch 1.2’s official announcement, we now know it’s arriving on the 4th March at around 6:00pm UTC. There’s also going to be a Twitch livestream on the 29th February at 4:00pm UTC going over the patch in more detail.

Kicking off the first of patch 1.2’s major addition is every World Event – such as the arrival of a mosquito-dinosaur hybrid – getting unique art and sound effects – such as, I imagine, a horrible buzzing noise.

A trends window in Against The Storm.

Image credit: Hooded Horse

A new “Trends” window in-game will help players keep better tabs on their consumption/production stats. It’ll show how the total amount of a certain resource has changed over time, and allows you to check whether it’s “increasing, decreasing, or maintaining a stable level” alongside what’s influenced “the inflow or outflow of the resource at a selected time interval (from a predefined range)”.

The Blight Post is receiving some upgrades, one of which is physical automatons. Seemingly, these mechanical lads will go about and torch Blightrot Cysts for you, how lovely!

Elsewhere the update includes Latin American Spanish localisation, as well as balance changes to the “newest Orders”, bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements like a “search bar in the Encyclopedia”, and more.

You can keep tabs on the game over on its Steam page, and it’s available on Game Pass, too.