Podcast episode 117: the best small details in games special

A screenshot of the cowboy from Red Dead Redemption 2 standing in front of a signpost and looking all cool

This week, dear listeners, the Electronic Wireless Show podcast urges you to think small, as we take a look at our favourite little details in games that don’t need to be there, and yet are. The strange Easter eggs, the loving little inclusions, the proverbial mint popped on the digipillow of your entertainment. Matthew talks about Red Dead Redemption 2, obviously, the big mass entertainment-liker.

Diversions this week include the fact that Nate imagines game characters are whatever size they appear on his screen, conspiracy theories about Avril Lavigne (side note: totally forgot she was married to Chad Kroeger for a while there, and also that Chad Kroeger cut his hair), and an extended series of in-jokes that will sort the TRUFANS of EWS, the Shergar’s Heart Squad, from the fake haters.