The Steam Sim Fest is the latest genre-specific event, discounting dozens of games about emerging cities, dad hobbies, tactical warfare, and other stimulating simulations. Heavy hitters such as Disney Dreamlight Valley and the newest Bus Simulator are enjoying nice discounts, but as always, some hidden gems require a little bit of scrolling. The sales last until July 24th, so here are some good old recommendations from the event.

Surprise! Lakeburg Legacies is a hybrid between village management and mediaeval matchmaking , and it’s out now with a 15% sale bringing the price down to £16.50/$19.50. Love is almost as hard-to-manage as the economy, but worry not, a soothing storybook aesthetic should make this one slightly less stressful than couple’s therapy and/or mayoral duties.

Wobbly person sim Human: Fall Flat has a hefty 70% discount and is currently £4.80/$6.50. To celebrate the puzzle-platformer’s seventh anniversary, the team are also sharing some mysterious news tomorrow. That’s in addition to a new level coming in August, so look forward to more clumsy flailing.

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Lawn Mowing Sim is probably the epitome of the Dad Game genre and it’s now at its cheapest price ever – £5.40/$6.80. Although the summer months probably have you shaving enough grass in real life. Maybe this is a treat you can save for the colder seasons.

Rachel recently wrote about the joys of designing, printing and selling stickers in Sticky Business. The cosy management game has now stuck a launch discount on itself and is available for £7.65/$9.

Some early access hits are also participating in the savings, including the old-school strategy Xenonauts 2 which just came out, and village (on the back of a beast) builder The Wandering Village which dropped a big ocean update yesterday. You can also poke around with demos for upcoming sims including the very chill Station To Station, and the deep sea clean ‘em up Loddlenaut.

Now it’s your turn. Dig around the Steam Sim Fest page for yourself. What else is good?

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