If you long for an excuse to return to Himan 1’s stellar levels, like Sapienza and Hokkaido, the latest patch for Hitman: World Of Assassination might provide. Alongside a selection of fixes, it also brings a new set of DLC missions – or “new”, at least. The Sarajevo Six Campaign includes six assassination missions set across the six missions from Hitman 2016 which were previously only available on PlayStation 4.

“The Sarajevo Six campaign returns to the World of Assassination after a long hiatus,” say the patch notes. “This six-mission campaign tells a self-contained story that revolves around former members of a paramilitary unit known as CICADA, giving access to these missions: The Director (Paris), The Enforcer (Sapienza), The Extractor (Marrakesh), The Veteran (Bangkok), The Mercenary (Colorado), The Controller (Hokkaido).”

The DLC costs £4.29/$5. There’s also a “Trinity Pack” DLC which includes three new suits for Agent 47 to wear, but I’m a lot less interested in playing dress-up than I am in murder.

The update’s fixes seem substantial, particularly those for World Of Assassination’s roguelike Freelancer mode. For one, IO Interactive have disabled the “Perfect Run” objective from the mode. “Like, straight up removed it from the game,” they say. The reason is that the objective isn’t working and is registering as failed even for players who meet the criteria, and IO aren’t sure why. “We’re hopeful that it’s a temporary measure and we’re looking into a permanent fix for it,” they say.

IO are also bringing back savescumming to the Freelancer mode. At launch, it was possible to alt+F4 from Hitman when things went wrong during Freelancer mode and then resume upon reloading the game, but that ability was removed, causing missions to be failed on exit. In an act of grace for sloppy assassins like me, IO have “reverted the removal of the Alt+F4 exploit for Freelancer”, so the buttons now work the same as they did at launch in January.

Hitman is due to get its first new Elusive Target in two years sometime this autumn.

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