I can’t get enough of physics destruction toolkits, whether it’s devastating dioramas with ballistae in Besiege or tunneling through the modernist homes of the affluent in Teardown. You can now add Abriss to that list.

Abriss has you destroying brutalist architecture in a futuristic cityscape using rockets, wrecking arms and laser pinwheels of your own design. Whatever you construct, the result is a glorious physics spectacle. After a little over a year in Steam Early Access, it hit 1.0 earlier this week.

The launch trailer for Abriss.

The 1.0 version adds new levels, parts and missions, some of which are seen in the trailer above. The new components include the likes of the impulser, which makes it easier to fire projectiles, and a crawler for when you want to steamroll through your target.

It also adds a seventh and final world to the Abriss campaign, and a new endless game mode. The former is effectively a puzzle game, Besiege-style, while the latter challenges you to reach a high score. There’s still also a sandbox mode if you want to just mess around with all the parts unlocked and no particular challenge, though. And I do.

I was pretty convinced by Abriss just by watching a couple of GIFs of it, but if you need more there’s a demo you can download from its Steam page.

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