Let’s face it, wires are a necessary evil at best, and we should strive to avoid them as much as possible. They get tangled, they trip you up, and they’re generally a nuisance. No wonder Darth Vader was grumpy all the time. He was full of wires.

Few manufacturers understand this better than Logitech, whose G915 Lightspeed Wireless keyboard has been the ideal way to type without tethers for years. It combines a slim yet robust build quality with wonderfully tactile keys, incredibly fast response times, respectable battery life, and a truly standout volume wheel. Perhaps for that reason, the G915 Lightspeed has also maintained its lofty price point, with an RRP of around £220. But as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sale, you can currently grab the best wireless keyboard for almost half price. It’s currently available for £125 in the UK, and $160 in the US, which is 46% and 36% off respectively.

UK deals:

US deals:

Katharine described the G915 Lightspeed Wireless “probably the loveliest keyboard I’ve ever used” in her review. So that’s a good price for a genuinely fantastic keyboard. It also puts you one step further away from becoming a wire-filled Sith lord, which is always a bonus.

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