Here’s a quick one: you probably need this USB-C to USB-A cable. Everyone needs a good-quality USB-C cable, right? Whether you’re charging off a power bank, topping up your VR controllers, connecting a phone to your laptop or hooking up your TV to a USB drive full of legally obtained video downloads, having a reliable cable that can do it all is incredibly handy. This one from Monoprice doesn’t cost a lot either, as it has been discounted from $10 to just $3 for Black Friday.

It’s a fast option too, sporting 10Gbps data transfers and rapid charging at up to three amps. In fact, it hits the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard (what a great naming scheme) and it’s a simple, pocketable one metre or 3.3 feet long.

I always find that I am constantly trying to find a known good USB-C cable that actually charges at a decent rate and supports data transfers reliably, so having one like this that looks a bit different too with that inlaid blue USB-A port is very tempting. Yet I’m not in the US, so let my loss be your gain!

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