Perhaps the Last Of Us TV show on HBO getting it right was the dawn of a new era of good TV based on video games, but I still approach each adaptation with trepidation. That includes Amazon’s Fallout series from Westworld and Person Of Interest writer/director Jonathan Nolan, which just got its first trailer.

The teaser trailer for Amazon’s Fallout adaptation.

It certainly looks like Fallout, which is a good start. The trailer features vaults with big, rolling doors and vault dwellers with bright blue overalls, a noseless ghoul, Brotherhood of Steel power armour, and enemies including radroaches and yao guai. There’s also a cyclops, which is not a thing I remember from any Fallout game, and which seems a bit Krull, but OK.

There’s also a decent cast behind it: Michael Emerson, who is best loved for Lost but also worked with Nolan on Person Of Interest, is some sort of intense weirdo; Kyle MacLachlan plays a Vault overseer; the Ghoul is played by Justified’s Walton Goggins. We get to see glimpses – sometimes extremely brief glimpses – of all of them in the trailer.

Images and clips of the Fallout show have been leaking throughout the year, and Amazon finally put a date on the series last month. This is the first official trailer and it’s substantial, but that it’s a “teaser” strongly suggests we’ll see more soon enough.

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