Upgrade your Steam Deck with a 512GB Micro SD card for $24.99

Gosh, Micro SD cards are so cheap now. Right now you can get a fast and capacious 512GB Samsung Evo Select memory card for just $24.99 after a $10 price drop. That’s an absurd price for this amount of storage, especially for an A2-rated card that’s ideal for Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Nintendo Switch.

Samsung’s generally considered to be one of the best makers of flash memory in the world – if not the best – and their Evo Select lineup attracts warm reviews wherever it goes on the basis of its performance and value.

This particular model is rated for up to 130MB/s reads, while its A2 rating requires a minimum of 4K IOPS for random reads. In short, this is plenty fast enough for excellent performance in your gaming handheld, camera, smartphone, tablet, drone or whatever else you have that has a Micro SD card slot.