Minecraft Legends, the real-time strategy spin-off from the blocky survival game, is bringing an end to its post-release content additions with one final update later this month. The endcap to Legends comes nine months after its release.

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The climactic update will add a last Lost Legend to the game, bringing the total number of optional gameplay challenges to nine. Snow vs Snouts tasks the player with blowing up a load of piglin bases across a frosty map using a souped-up redstone launcher with a more rapid cooldown and improved mobility thanks to a faster construction time. While the weapon is stronger, the challenge stops the player from controlling any mobs or building additional structures, making it a purer combat challenge.

The Lost Legend will be the final piece of content added to Minecraft Legends, which launched last April as a colourful mixture of Minecraft’s open-world adventuring and the tactical command of an RTS. That wasn’t the only thing mixed about the game, as Ollie found that it struggled to properly juggle the two genres in action, limiting the game’s scope through limited gameplay options and an awkward control scheme.

The player fires a redstone launcher at piglin bases in the Snow vs Snouts Lost Legend challenge in Minecraft Legends

Image credit: Blackbird Interactive/Mojang

Since then, the game has seen a number of smaller gameplay tweaks, community-focused updates and bigger additions in the shape of new units. But now developers Blackbird Interactive and Mojang have decided to call it a day, saying that there won’t be any future updates, Lost Legends or new DLC released for Minecraft Legends. One last free skin, Bright-Eyed Hero skin, can be grabbed from the marketplace now.

The existing Lost Legends will remain available, along with the rewards for beating them. PvP and co-op will also remain live, along with everything else currently in the game as it currently stands.

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