The success of Helldivers 2 shouldn’t come as a surprise

In some respects, Helldivers 2 did come as a bit of surprise. Not a huge amount of marketing, no betas, and review codes didn’t go out until it basically launched. Before it landed on my PC, there was a small part of me that thought it was going to be a rocky ride with severe performance issues or the like. Nope! It’s easily slid into one of my favourite games of the year without question, and presumably, for the hundreds of thousands of others who’ve also opted into preserving democracy.

But there seems to be this sentiment that Helldivers 2’s roaring success has come as a shock, so much of a shock that top execs and investors are doing YouTube thumbnail faces in boardrooms with mini-nuke explosions erupting from their heads. Should its success come as that much of a surprise, though? No, probably not.