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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:01 Intro
1:36 Topic #1 – DOJ sues Apple over alleged monopoly in the mobile market
4:14 “Apple Watches can’t work with Android,” Linus calls bull on this
7:40 DOJ’s list of issues, Linus on CarPlay & no interest in Tesla
10:40 Apple’s statement, ecosystem & walled garden firmware updates
13:55 Parallels between this & past lawsuits, anti-competitive behavior
17:13 Luke recalls Steam’s 30% cut, XBOX games, Apple blocking the FP app
26:51 The knock-on effect, “you want the Apple that’s hungry”
32:12 Luke mentions ThioJoe’s arguments, Linus hopes DOJ wins
37:20 Luke on Microsoft’s AI, discussing monetization
44:35 Topic #2 – The Minimal phone, E-ink display with QWERTY keyboard
46:07 Linus’s not a fan of “laggy QWERTY,” Dan misses BB swipe navigation
49:10 Luke on YT’s recommendations, Linus on “secret meets”
50:24 Luke is interested, app time limits, Linus’s product idea
1:04:14 Free shipping on orders with LTT retro screwdriver until March 29th
1:05:10 Tech sack back in stock, MCM ft. Magnets can open a fridge
1:07:32 Merch Messages #1
1:07:40 Has your opinion on DRAMless SSDs changed?
1:20:33 What do you guys think about nonmajor brand GPUs?
1:21:45 Topic #3 – LinkedIn to add games on LinkedIn
1:25:50 Topic #4 – Glassdoor caught no longer being anonymous
1:29:52 Sponsor – Jawa
1:31:14 Sponsor – UGREEN ft. Suddenly, Linus
1:32:53 Sponsor – WhiteFox
1:35:11 Merch Messages #2 ft. Linus struggles to enter the dashboard
1:40:20 How did the GPU pandemic affect the sales of peripherals?
1:40:46 Has LTT Labs influenced your decisions yet? ft. Japan
1:44:44 History of the WAN Show streak ft. “Hospital cam”
1:48:06 What’s an appropriate fine for customer data getting stolen?
1:54:12 Topic #5 – Steam Family, play different games at the same time
2:02:38 Topic #6 – Smosh’s “Submissive & Breedable” references Linus
2:07:33 Recalling Mome Boys’ “Still Beat” lyric, LTT’s cultural influence
2:12:02 How does Linus feel about this? ft. Dan’s hot bars
2:15:13 Topic #7 – The first Neuralink user can play games using his mind
2:17:14 Topic #8 – Toronto restaurant renames menu to write them off
2:19:18 Topic #9 – Apex Legends hacks players mid tournament “for fun”
2:24:49 Discussing how Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t planning to get DLCs
2:28:28 Topic #10 – Flipper Zero responds to Canada’s ban
2:29:40 Topic #11 – EVGA PSU RMA kills 22TB over pinout changes
2:33:15 Floatplane “Spring Break” exclusives & giveaways
2:35:36 Luke shows battle paper airplane video teaser
2:38:57 Linus’s trip to Japan ft. WAN Show After Dark
2:40:54 Linus went into a packed Japanese train
2:42:15 Luke asks what went good, Super Nintendo World trip
2:45:16 Pokémon Café reservation, Linus on the food’s lack of quality
2:48:56 Other cafés & family experience
2:50:36 Linus covers the high tech society, tickets, checkpoints
2:56:33 Linus enjoyed SMW’s detail, Luke on signs & his experience
3:00:50 Linus isn’t a fan of traveling or seafood
3:01:44 Merch Messages #3 ft. Technical difficulties
3:02:28 Luke on playing Anno 1800
3:05:06 Any proud dad gaming milestones?
3:05:49 Do you see Apple making a Beats-like Android app for AirPods?
3:06:10 How is Microsoft still able to aggressively bundle Edge?
3:06:35 How did you learn to let go of your privacy as a public figure?
3:09:45 Have you found a good wireless solution for the Valve Index?
3:10:18 Anything you or your professor did that helped with Luke’s dyslexia
3:13:58 Thoughts on the many YT scam ads? Should Google be held liable?
3:14:46 Does Linus use Plex? Competitors? Streaming recommendation?
3:16:50 How would Linus react if he caught his kid cheating, V.S. exploit?
3:17:58 How does Luke keep a fully remote team motivated & successful?
3:21:50 Are Luke & Linus satisfied after working on LMG? Childhood dreams?
3:26:12 Linus on cost of things & quality in Japan
3:28:45 Outro ft. Double outro, scenes overlay

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