Men of War 2 is moving its release date back to next year so that developers Best Way can add some extra technical polish to the upcoming World War II RTS.

Men of War 2, which marks the return of the veteran strategy series launched with 2009’s original Men of War, had been due for release later this month. Ahead of its planned release date of September 20th, Best Way ran three beta weekends for the game, the latest giving a peek at its Classic and Realism modes last month.

Men of War 2 will include 15 PvP multiplayer modes across more than 20 maps, alongside three narrative campaigns and two historical campaigns playable in single-player or co-op. Among the modes will be a Realism mode that offers a more sim-like experience, while Classic will mimic the format of the original game in unlocking every unit for players to use from the get-go.

Real-time tactics sequel Men of War 2 is delayed into 2023 due to the effects of the war in Ukraine on its developers Best Way.

While Best Way said that the game is “content and feature complete”, feedback from both those public playtests and some internal testing apparently brought to light some technical hiccups that required a bit more time “to bring Men of War II to the state of technical perfection they strive towards for its release”. The studio also noted that “the continuously difficult conditions” in their native Ukraine had added some extra hurdles to development, which is understandable to say the least. The game was previously delayed from its initial release last year due to the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“We loved working with our dedicated community of fans during multiple Playtests and we gathered immense amounts of data and feedback,” producer Maxim Kamensky said. “In fact, we received so many great suggestions we decided to implement, that the original schedule did not allow us to iron out all the bugs and issues in time for the September release.

“We feel that our fans deserve to receive a game in a completely polished and bug-free state and ask them for just a little more patience to allow us to deliver such a high quality product.”

The delay announcement didn’t confirm a new release date for Men of War 2, stating simply that the game would release in 2024 via Steam, Epic and other stores.

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