AMD’s RX 6800 graphics card is under $400 and ideal for 1440p gaming

AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 and 6800 XT graphics cards have proven surprisingly popular even into 2023, as new price drops (and relatively modest gen-on-gen performance increases for newer models) has left them as competitive options in terms of value for money.

Today we’ve got a deal on the RX 6800 non-XT, with an MSI model going for just under $400 at Newegg. That’s a $70 reduction from its usual price and $20 cheaper than the cheapest RX 6800 model on Amazon. That’s an awesome deal for a strong 1440p graphics card that comes with a copy of Starfield Premium Edition (which includes the Shattered Space story expansion, a digital art book, the game’s OST and a few weapon/suit skins on top of the base game).

The RX 6800, as you’ll be pleased to know by checking the RX 6800 review here on RPS, is one of the best value 1440p graphics cards around, delivering in excess of 60fps in AAA games – it even heavily outperforms the RTX 3080 in Starfield, which is somewhat incredible. It’s also a fine performer for high refresh rate 1080p gaming, and stretches to 4K with some settings sacrifices thanks to its healthy 16GB allocation VRAM – a quality that also makes this card ideal for content creation, eg 4K/8K video production.

This MSI Gaming Z Trio model is one of the best-made RX 6800 GPUs, with a hefty triple-fan design and three eight-pin power inputs to provide options for overclocking, undervolting and generally better performance than a smaller two-fan model. Only a 650W PSU is recommended, so you should be able to run this on a fairly wide range of systems – as long as its 324mm length fits within your case!

Of course, it’s also worth considering the RX 7800 XT, which was released last week and no doubt has caused this RX 6800 price drop. That card has an MSRP of $500, but costs a little more than that on the open market as initial allocations of the card have been exhausted in most places. Still, for your extra $100+ you do get improved performance – around 20 percent if my back-of-the-envelope maths are correct – and access to AMD’s upcoming Fluid Motion Frames tech, which is a Ryzen 7000 exclusive. Given the price differential though, the RX 6800 remains a very solid option and well worth considering at this deal price.