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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:33 Feedback for FP beta feature, Terry Fox shirt is now live
2:37 Intro
3:04 Topic #1 – MPA’s CEO to work with congress to block piracy websites
4:34 What would this do to VPNs? Linus’s ISP notice for pirating
7:54 Luke on blockbusters revenue, impact of localized piracy
9:22 Pirating games and not buying later, lost sales from piracy
13:10 Linus on media production industry’s issues, hiring argument
15:56 Streaming, Letterkenny DVDs, AI upscaling films, mastering issues
23:52 Luke’s attempt to have plausible deniability, “pirate hat”
25:04 VPN sponsorship? misleading talk points, Tom Scott’s videos
28:57 Transparency, revenue, hosting liability ft. On-set viewers
38:29 Linus tells Colton to get PIA sponsor
41:30 Canceling ASUS after paying for LTX, booths cost, Luke at Open Sauce
46:14 Ethical gambling sponsorship? casino, gambling & addiction stories
54:30 Game sponsors as an exception, GambleYourFriends idea
57:57 LTTStore’s new zip-up mock neck & pocket shirts
1:01:02 Merch Messages #1 ft. Many cameras
1:01:27 Whatever happened to IceGiant Cooling? ft. Mute Luke Button
1:09:24 Coolest tests LTT Labs are coming up with?
1:11:44 Daily driving high RR OLED? Stripped down WinOS ft. LukeHasNoClue site, 6W monitor
1:18:54 Terry Fox Foundation
1:20:39 BC Children’s Hospital charity auction stream on Whatnot
1:23:28 Tenstorrent’s CEO Jim Keller to star on the next WAN Show’s stream
1:27:55 Tenstorrent product names, summarizing Keller’s work history
1:31:18 Sponsor – AG1
1:32:36 Sponsor – Ridge
1:34:01 Sponsor – Vessi ft. Luke might report Linus to his boss
1:36:40 Topic #2 – Apple relaxes restrictions on App Store, allows emulators
1:38:15 Apple’s new framework to aid repairshops, hardware pairing
1:39:27 iOS default apps, Luke uses Firefox mobile, recalling FP poll
1:43:51 Linus questions Twitch’s ad breaks, Luke’s hypothesis
1:45:53 Merch Messages #2 ft. FP poll results
1:46:18 Slay the Spire 2 is on Godot, Clear Code’s 11 hours tutorial
1:49:36 Should game companies switch to open source engines?
1:51:19 Would Linus get on The Yard? ft. KBMOD & WoodysGameTag
1:55:30 Tall sizes soon plz
1:55:40 How would you source hardware without a hardware recycler?
1:59:30 HDDs struggled with filled capacity, is it the same with SSDs?
2:03:45 Topic #3 – Texas Education Agency replaces graders with AI
2:08:41 Topic #4 – YouTube’s Playables still available despite end of life
2:10:47 Linus finds a potential slow mo bug, still loses
2:15:02 Odd games, questioning who made them, “you are failed!”
2:18:12 YouTube is losing its identity
2:19:40 Topic #5 – ROKU patent for showing ads when pausing HDMI devices
2:24:12 Topic #6 – dumbwireless sells well amid social media craze
2:26:03 Advice to not use Teams as a social life, KilledByGoogle
2:29:48 Topic #7 – Former Google engineers launch AI music maker Udio
2:31:26 Listening to Udio’s “Wow I Didn’t Know That”
2:32:38 Person generates songs about Seth $h!tting his pants at work
2:34:18 Dan’s thoughts on AI generated songs
2:35:49 Udio’s options, copyright, “pilk” song, Dan’s reaction
2:38:40 Excellent Rectangle’s Tape to Tape
2:40:27 Dan on the songs AI is trained over, niche music genre
2:42:07 Topic #8 – The_Crew’s subreddit is deleting comments
2:43:09 ShortCircuit’s video on Minion router
2:44:33 Linus could write better lyrics, Suno shows analytics
2:46:38 Topic #9 – Instagram’s filter can blur nude images
2:50:11 Topic #10 – Discord removes Suyu & Sudachi servers & dev accounts
2:53:45 Merch Messages #3 ft. Savage Jerky returns
2:56:34 What technology do you want to add or remove from cars?
3:09:11 How do you focus on your own well-being despite being public figures?
3:18:14 Any plans to extend the LTT hat line to include bucket hats?
3:21:17 A pink multi nep shirt? ft. Microfiber cloth shirt
3:24:14 What would game studios do to combat flopped AAA games?
3:33:41 Udio LTT Christmas album?
3:34:57 Exclusive FP content
3:36:16 Super Chexx exclusive FP stream after WAN Show
3:37:27 Dan tries to leave, camera tracks him instead
3:38:03 Topic #11 – XBOX creates new team to preserve games compatibility
3:39:18 Topic #12 – The Verge’s article on AI & interracial prompts
3:44:28 Topic #13 – Android AirTags soon to be available
3:45:10 Topic #14 – FCC requires nutrition labels for ISP plans
3:46:22 Merch Messages #4 ft. WAN Show After Dark
4:19:29 Outro ft. Dan runs back to end the show

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