Continental and AEye Join NVIDIA DRIVE Sim Sensor Ecosystem, Providing Rich Capabilities for AV Development

Autonomous vehicle sensors require the same rigorous testing and validation as the car itself, and one simulation platform is up to the task. Global tier-1 supplier Continental and software-defined lidar maker AEye announced this week


Remote employees attach less importance to work friends

Most employees value having friends at work, but Capterra’s latest survey found the pandemic has left remote workers less interested in bonding with colleagues. In this article, we look at how social events and team-building


Remote working hasn’t significantly changed toxic workplace culture for employees

Hybrid or remote work may not necessarily resolve toxic workplace culture but can help lessen certain behaviours and expectations that impact employees’ wellbeing. In this article, Capterra looks at whether employee monitoring tools aid in


3 Best POS systems for restaurants

This article was originally published on 03/10/2019. Restaurant point of sale (POS) systems can help businesses focus on different essential activities involved in running a restaurant. In this article, we have curated a list of


Text-to-shop: Is this the latest in retail trends?

Text-to-shop provides consumers with a low-tech option to order products directly from their phone via SMS text messages. Whilst this can benefit retail management, how do Australian consumers feel about one of the more recent


What is the use of drones in construction?

This article will talk about drones and their uses in the construction industry. We will also discuss the rules and regulations of flying drones in Australia and their challenges. In this article Construction is a


Are Australian smartphone users interested in checkout-free shopping?

Are checkout-free stores the future of the retail industry? Cashierless stores may improve the customer shopping experience but can also help store owners track and leverage consumer purchasing behaviours. Are Aussies ready for the latest


5 Budgeting tips for small business owners

Business budgeting can help organisations make informed decisions about their own expenditures. This article will discuss budgeting and why budgeting is important for businesses. We will also share some budgeting tips for small to midsize


Customer service: What do Australian consumers really think?

Small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) may not be able to compete with larger ones on price, scale, or speed, but they do have one potential secret weapon: customer service. But how much do consumers really

Tales From The Borderlands returns to digital stores next week

Telltale Games‘ episodic Borderlands spinoff story Tales From The Borderlands was removed from sale after the company closed along with many of their other games. Gearbox, developers of the Boderlands series proper, have now announced

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