Halo Forge Slowly Transformed What It Means To Play Halo

Halo 3 is celebrating its 15-year anniversary today, September 25, 2022. Below, we take a look at how one of its marquee new features, the Forge, had a massive impact on how fans think about

My wife vetoed my plan

My wife vetoed my plan

PUBG devs are making a game based on Korean fantasy epic The Bird That Drinks Tears

PUBG devs are making a game based on Korean fantasy epic The Bird That Drinks Tears

Krafton, Korean publishers PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, have released a “visual concept trailer” for a new game based on Korean epic fantasy novels The Bird That Drinks Tears. They’re still describing the game as “unannounced”, but say

Netflix’s adaptation of 'The Three-Body Problem' will arrive in 2023

Netflix’s adaptation of ‘The Three-Body Problem’ will arrive in 2023

At its Tudum event today, Netflix shared an update on its highly-anticipated adaptation of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem. First announced in 2020, the upcoming live-action series from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and


Ska Band Half Past Two Releases Music Video Shot Entirely In The Sims 3

Move over, AMVs–The Sims music videos are what’s hot right now and Orange County ska band Half Past Two is out to prove it. Earlier today, the ska ensemble released their music video for “Curtain


Google Home can now use Nest speakers to detect your presence

Google Home no longer needs to lean solely on smart home devices like thermostats to know whether or not you're around. Home's optional presence sensing feature can now use interactions with Nest speakers and smart


An Elevated Experience: XPENG Launches G9 EV, Taking Innovation Even Higher with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect the XPENG G9 launch. It was originally published in November 2021. You don’t need a private plane to be at the forefront of personal travel. Electric

Trombone Champ's triumph is making failure fun in a rhythm game

Trombone Champ’s triumph is making failure fun in a rhythm game

Everyone’s talking about Trombone Champ. Not since Untitled Goose Game have I heard this much excited chat about a game from pals who don’t usually talk about games. This is because: 1) it’s a fun


World-Class: NVIDIA Research Builds AI Model to Populate Virtual Worlds With 3D Objects, Characters

The massive virtual worlds created by growing numbers of companies and creators could be more easily populated with a diverse array of 3D buildings, vehicles, characters and more — thanks to a new AI model


Go Hands On: Logitech G CLOUD Launches With Support for GeForce NOW

When it rains, it pours. And this GFN Thursday brings a downpour of news for GeForce NOW members. The Logitech G CLOUD is the latest gaming handheld device to support GeForce NOW, giving members a

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